Just Because You Have Years of Wisdom, Doesn’t Mean You Have to LOOK Like You Do

As time goes on, our face is one of the first places where we notice that we are aging. All those years of wonderful life experiences, work and pleasure are eventually manifested in the appearance of our faces. In addition, years of sun exposure, wrinkles or thinning of the skin can take a significant toll on the appearance of our face, cheeks and neck. There are many options for facial rejuvenation that can be tailored to your specific desires. There are many factors that Dr. Pacella will address to determine the best procedure for you. For example, the tightness of your skin, the appearance of your neck, the presence or absence of fat and the appearance of the transition from your cheeks to your eyes will be carefully examined.

quotation-marks_biggerDr. Pacella is an amazing surgeon with an exceptional bedside manner. As a healthcare professional and as a patient, I completely recommend Dr. Pacella as an extremely professional, highly skilled and talented plastic surgeon.”

– Cosmetic surgery patient

Several characteristics determine which procedure will best suit you. For example, if your neck is taut and the appearance of your jowls is loose, you may be a candidate for a minilift or cheeklift. A minilift is a less invasive procedure that concentrates on the middle of the face and can be performed under local anesthesia. The incisions are placed inconspicuously along the hairline and in front of the ear. Recovery is quick and bruising is minimal.  If your neck has loose skin and this extends to the face, you may experience better results with a face and necklift. In this case, the incisions are extended behind the ear, and the deeper layers of the face are suspended to support the neck. This procedure requires a general anesthetic and recovery takes a bit longer. Either of these procedures can be performed with fat transfer in an effort to restore the natural and youthful contour of your face that may have been lost with time. Through his advanced fellowships in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Pacella has acquired a unique interest in facial rejuvenation procedures. Having trained with leading experts, he strives to restore a youthful appearance without a “pulled” or “overdone” look.  With the pinnacle of safety as his standard, all procedures are performed in the ambulatory surgery center or hospital setting which possesses the highest accreditation from Medicare and The Joint Commission.

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