About Dr. Pacella

From the moment you meet Dr. Pacella, you will realize why he is your Plastic Surgeon of choice. In our healthcare world overrun by electronics, cell phones and social media, it is rare today to have an opportunity to sit and talk with your doctor in a comfortable setting. It is a privilege to be able to care for patients, and this philosophy influences everything Dr. Pacella believes and practices.

Having trained at some of the country’s leading institutions, Dr. Pacella has utilized his talents and experience to create a singular philosophy for Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery go hand-in-hand. To Dr. Pacella, every anatomic body part, be it the face, eyes, breast or body, has a unique function that cannot be separated from its aesthetic appearance. If you have been injured, suffered from cancer or disease, or simply do not like the appearance of aging, your anatomy must not only be restored to a natural and youthful appearance, but it must function as nature intended. To Dr. Pacella, this is the secret to success in Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery is Reconstruction. Plastic Surgery is also Cosmetic Improvement. It is one.

Dr. Pacella’s vast training has resulted in a simple formula: He takes the energy of a New Yorker, the values of the Midwest and the personality of the South to deliver exceptional care…on the West Coast.

Dr. Pacella is a world-renowned expert in facial and eyelid (oculoplastic surgery).  He is invited regularly around the globe to teach his specialized techniques: having traveled and lectured through the U.S. as well as international destinations such as Dubai, Melbourne, Milan, Toronto and Buenos Aires.

His textbook, Aesthetic Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery, which was awarded the 2017 Highly Commended Book Award by the British Medical Association, has been translated into 15 different languages and serves as required reading for prestigious Mohs Surgery teaching programs across the U.S.

For a full list of Dr. Pacella’s education, training, peer-reviewed publications and presentations, honors and awards, please review is Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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