A Primary Focus…in Secondary Surgery

With the best of intentions, you have undergone eyelid surgery. If it did not turn out as you would have liked, there is still hope. The eyelids have many forces acting on them that can change their appearance over time. Age-related laxity of eyelid structure, when combined with repeated scarring or injury from surgery, can cause the eyelid to lose its intended shape. Dr. Pacella treats these deformities with a singular focus: the restoration of natural appearance.

Revisional or correction eyelid surgery is one of the common procedures performed by plastic surgeons with specialized training in the eyes. Patients who have repeated cosmetic eyelid procedures may often be left with an “overdone” appearance.  The eye can appear “hollowed-out” or “sunken-in”. Often, fat transferred from another part of the body can be used to re-enhance these areas to restore a natural appearance.

In the lower eyelid, the natural attachments of the tendons around the eyelid (i.e. the tarsoligamentous sling) may become detached, leading to shortening of the corners of the eye and lower eyelids which appear out of position. Specialized surgery to reattach these tendon structures may be required.

Dr. Pacella, who is fellowship-trained in oculoplastic procedures, has a specialized interest in correction of these types of deformities. If you are unhappy with your eyelids’ appearance after a previous surgery or a traumatic injury, there are several successful procedures that can restore your eyelid function and recapture its natural beauty.

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