Tailoring Your Skin to Fit the New You

You’ve worked very hard to lose and maintain your weight. After weight loss, skin can be damaged from the excess stretch and may never return to its normal taut contour. Body contouring after weight loss is specifically designed to recontour the skin in this situation and treat irregular fat deposits that may not have responded to weight loss. Following weight loss, many anatomical areas may benefit from body contouring. These areas include the face, neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and legs. Body contouring may be appropriate after you reach your desired weight and your weight has been stable for several months.

Depending on the areas treated and extent of your procedure, body contouring may be outpatient or require an overnight hospital stay. Procedures are generally performed under general anesthesia and can be combined in sequence. For example, a tummy tuck can be performed together with a thigh lift procedure, or a breast lift may be performed together with an arm lift.

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