The Philosophy of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

When selecting a plastic surgeon to perform any type of breast surgery, it is imperative that you understand your surgeon’s philosophy regarding breast surgery. Dr. Salvatore J. Pacella has a uniquely simple philosophy: he strives to meld the fields of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery to provide a specifically tailored approach for each patient. To Dr. Pacella, creating the most beautiful breast is not just about performing a “boob job”. His philosophy lies in understanding the natural anatomy of the breast – from skin to tissue to muscle. Understanding how advanced techniques and technologies can be adapted to each woman’s breast is his gold standard. For example, procedures traditionally performed for breast reconstruction (i.e. Alloderm®, Strattice™ and Fat Transfer) can now be safely adapted to correct long-standing deformities that may be present after previous cosmetic breast augmentation. Conversely, implant advancements (i.e. anatomic-shaped or “gummy-bear” implants) originally developed for cosmetic patients can be used to achieve excellent results in patients suffering from breast cancer. For Dr. Pacella, the mastery of creating a beautiful breast lies along a continuum: from reconstruction with minimal scarring after mastectomy to creating a more youthful or augmented breast after pregnancy.

quotation-marks_biggerI went to Dr. Pacella because he is well trained in the latest techniques, informative and has great bedside manner. He has experienced staff that go beyond your expectations. The day he took out my sutures, I was in tears because my scars no longer looked hideous. He gave me back my self esteem.”

– Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, scar revision and liposuction patient

There are many choices for breast augmentation. From placement of the incision to location of the implant in relation to the chest muscle. For size, shape, volume or implant type, the options are vast. Exciting new technologies have created many new options in silicone breast implants – from smooth to textured, round to anatomically-shaped (i.e. “gummy-bear” implants). Dr. Pacella strives to guide you through this process and ultimately choose a breast augmentation strategy that is tailored to your desires. Breast augmentation is performed safely as an outpatient procedure and a full recovery, including returning to exercise or sports, can be achieved in just 3 to 4 weeks.

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