Breast Augmentation with Asymmetry

This 31 year old female was unhappy with the size of her breasts. In addition, she felt that the height of the left breast was significantly higher than the right side. On preoperative examination, the left sided inframammary fold was approximately 1 cm higher than the opposite side. During a submuscular silicone breast augmentation, the left sided fold was lowered and reinforced with permanent sutures to maintain its position. On the left side (i.e. the smaller and higher side), a MENTOR® MemoryGel™ SILTEX®, Round, Moderate Profile Plus, 325 cc silicone implant was utilized. On the right side, a Round, Moderate Profile Plus, 300 cc silicone implant was used. Postoperatively at 1 year, the inframmary fold position is maintained perfectly as she enjoys new, large “C” shaped breasts.

Additional Patient Images

Front View Right View Left View Right Profile View Left Profile View

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